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Solo's Website of the Month
August, 1999
Home of Sheryl Crow
Congratulations to the Webmaster of "Home of Sheryl Crow"

       I will feature a new Website each month. If you have or know of a really good Celebrity Website, this is a great opportunity to give that site a "visitors per day" boost.

       The website chosen as "Solo's Website of the Month" will have a Link displayed on my Main Entrance page, On my Link Page and on this page. That's 3 Links all over Solo's Catherine Zeta Jones Page. I Recommend having a banner* for your site. Although I will still post the link even without a banner, But the website wont stick out as much.


       Not every site can become Solo's Website of the Month. The site has to have something special. Here's a few things I will look for:

  • Must be a Celebrity site
  • Good graphical layout
  • Extensive information
  • A good collection of photo's
  • A unique topic.

       If you have found a site or maintain a site yourself that is worth the title Solo's Website of the Month, Click Here.

*all banners must be 468x60 pixels and no larger than 15K.


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